The savvy guide to making more money

Susan Hayes. Penguin. €14.99

The savvy guide to making more money
Author: Susan Hayes
ISBN-13: 9781844883288
Publisher: Penguin
Guideline Price: €14.99

Hayes styles herself as “the positive economist” and has developed a following as a personal finance expert. The story here is about entrepreneurship and developing an entrepreneurial mind-set. Making money is a skill and it’s absolutely necessary that you take action and practice until you perfect it, is the message.

Hayes suggest that all ventures, however modest, need to reference Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

It is very important to track your progress, so that you can gather information and improve what needs to be improved or gather strength from seeing positive trends when the going gets tough and you are not making visible progress. KPIs, she says remove the emotions and mood swings that could jeopardise your success and show you in black and white when you’re on track and when you need to correct course - the numbers never lie.

The book has interesting opening chapters on motivation and identifying opportunities and has some very practical tips on how to conduct market research. One of the strongest chapters is on marketing where she shows how to measure the effectiveness of promotional activity.