Book review: Managing Others: Organisational Essentials

Managing Others: Organisational Essentials. CMI €16.99

Managing others, the organisational essentials
Managing others, the organisational essentials
Author: CMI
ISBN-13: 9781781251430
Publisher: CMI
Guideline Price: €16.99

Over 90 per cent of managers report recently having experienced major organisational change, compared with just a third a decade ago, we learn in the introduction to this latest volume in the Checklist series from the UK's Chartered Management Institute (CMI).

This book ranges over subjects as varied as recruitment, the management of part-time employees, performance management, succession planning, undertaking employee attitude surveys, managing creativity and redundancy.

There are short essays contained summarising the ideas of a number of management thinkers.

Reflecting modern workplace practices, the book has a useful section on how to manage social networking use and to avoid difficulties when writers identify themselves as members of your organisation, then criticise your organisation, your competitors or other parties.


Organisations need to ensure that employees do not spend excessive time on internet use, do not use the systems in illegal ways or so not make personal use of system facilities beyond acceptable, and preferably stated, limits.