PM Group to hire 50 in Dublin and Cork

Engineering group hiring to cope with increased workload from clients across a number of industries

Engineer PM Group is hiring 50 people at its Irish offices to cope with an increased workload from clients across a number of industries.

PM said yesterday that it was taking on 50 people at its Cork and Dublin bases by the end of the year, and had plans to hire a further 150 across its operations in Asia, Europe and the US. It has already taken on 50 people in the Republic this year.

Chief executive Dave Murphy said yesterday the company was trying to fill new positions to work for clients in the pharmaceutical, food, medical technology and IT industries.

“Our growth over the past few years, despite the difficult conditions in the construction industry generally, highlights that there are jobs and opportunities in providing highly skilled services to the high-tech sectors both here and internationally,” said Mr Murphy.

PM Group has a range of consulting engineer and architecture businesses in Ireland, Asia, Britain, the rest of Europe and the US.