New aircraft leasing company, Mainstream returns and the rising cost of print

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Dublin-based Mainstream Renewable Power is set to re-enter the Irish market with the development of three energy projects off the east, southeast and west coasts of Ireland. Ian Curran has the details

In her Media & Marketing column Laura Slattery lays out how paper costs are hitting print media.

Increasing your home insurance cover won’t necessarily increase your premium, or at least not by very much. That’s why it’s a no-brainer, argues Joanne Hunt.

Can I force my employer to pay a remote working allowance? Dominic Coyle answers your personal finance questions.


Resident sage Cantillon finds that the home care sector has been called out called out by the Government, that exports are the gift that keeps on giving and that the planning regime for renewable energy must improve.

Two senior figures in Irish aviation circles, Rob Murphy and Edward O’Byrne, are behind a new entrant into the aircraft leasing sector that is wholly owned by Public Investment Fund (PIF), a Saudi-backed investment firm that bought Newcastle United last year. Brian Mahon reports

Glenveagh Properties, one of the State’s largest home builders, recently faced criticism over a design plan they put forward to Minister Darragh O’Brien, in a bid to ease Ireland’s housing crisis. The plan suggested an overhaul of existing planning regulations, which would replace apartments with more own door homes. A move that CEO Stephen Garvey describes in this episode of The Inside Business Podcast as, “a win-win for society across the board.”

Garvey tells presenter Ciarán Hancock that the changes Glenveagh outlined in their plan are all based on extensive research into consumer needs and wants. “When we decided to come and do the study, what we did was we put ourselves in the boots of the consumer ... what’s the consumer salary, what can they afford.. and we worked ourselves backwards, that’s what we tried to do,” he says.

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Conn Ó Midheach

Conn Ó Midheach

Conn O Midheach is Assistant Business Editor - Digital of The Irish Times