Jameson no longer being exported to Russia, Irish Distillers confirms

Parent company decides to cease exports of all its international brands to Russia following campaign

The exportation of Jameson whiskey to Russia has ceased as of the end of April, Irish Distillers confirmed on Friday. The announcement came as part of its parent company Pernod Ricard’s decision to cease exports of all its international brands to Russia.

The move came after a pressure campaign by figures including Ukraine’s ambassador to Ireland which had encouraged people to avoid purchasing Jameson whiskey after the company resumed trade in Russia.

Larysa Gerasko said it was a “matter of morality” for Irish pubs and restaurants to decide whether to stock the product as she called for support.

Pernod Ricard, which owns brands such as Jameson, Absolut Vodka and Beefeater Gin, had suspended exports to Russia following the invasion of Ukraine at the start of last year. However, Ukrainian activists accused the French company of “quietly” restarting exports of its drinks products to Russia, despite the ongoing war.


Campaigners under the name Ukrainian Action Ireland protested using a mobile advertising billboard calling on Jameson to “stop serving Putin”.

A statement released by Irish Distillers on Friday said since the outbreak of the war, they had “utterly condemned” Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. “We have stood and stand firmly with the people of Ukraine,” the statement said, adding they had also provided assistance to their local team members.

This assistance included direct financial assistance, psychological support, accommodation for some employees and their families in neighbouring countries, and employment outside Ukraine for those who required it, Irish Distillers said.

Pernod Ricard also announced it would cease the distribution of its portfolio in Russia, a process that is expected to take months to complete. It is also assessing how to adapt the local organisation in light of the decision, while fully complying with all local legal regulations.

Ellen O’Donoghue

Ellen O’Donoghue

Ellen O'Donoghue is an Irish Times journalist