UCC to offer alcohol-free accomodation to students

Pilot project at Cork campus apartments to begin in coming academic year

Students are invited to apply to live in alcohol-free apartments as part of a pilot scheme at University College Cork.

Consumption of alcohol in specific alcohol-free apartments in campus accommodation at Victoria Lodge will be prohibited as part of the scheme set up for the coming academic year.

Students be will asked to provide a written personal statement outlining why an alcohol-free environment appeals to them as part of their housing application. It is hoped the scheme will be ‘self policing’ as a choice made by occupants.

“The students that apply will be providing statements as to why they want it, so it’s not enforced on anyone. They won’t be watched,” Health Promotion Project Worker at UCC Deirdre Griffin said.


Students who choose the alcohol free apartments are free to consume alcohol as they wish when not on the premises and the same rules apply to their guests.

The consequences of violations will be in line with the current disciplinary process in place in UCC student apartments.

The scheme forms part of an alcohol action plan at UCC, where 45 per cent of students reported binge drinking more than once a week and outlined adverse consequences of their actions in a 2010 study.

The provision of alcohol-free apartments provides for cultural and religious differences and caters for the personal preferences of students, who can also opt for same-sex apartments, Irish language speaking only apartments and housing for mature students only.

While the pilot scheme is subject to demand, college authorities expect ‘good uptake’ for the apartments at Victoria Lodge, which is owned and managed by UCC Campus Accommodation.

Students can apply to be considered under the scheme by contacting the UCC Campus Accommodation via email: accommodation@ucc.ie, (0)21 4941200