Health Month

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Shades of Gray. ‘I’m happy where I am now.’ she says. ‘It’s a lovely shift. The things I want to achieve are within my reach.’

At this time of year, you could almost set your watch to the frenzy of self-actualisation that follows a week of binge eating, binge drinking, binge w(...)

Brad Pitt is 55. One of the many things we have in common is that Brad and I are around the same age, but I know I’ll never look like him with my shirt off, no matter how many reps I do. Photograph: Charley Gallay/Getty Images for Breitling

Brad Pitt and I have so much in common. In the recent movie Once Upon a Time . . . in Hollywood there’s a scene where Brad gets up on a roof to fix a(...)

The mystique has been shattered and endurance events have become mainstream. Photograph: iStock

With a new year upon us, many people are resolving to get fit and healthy for 2020. For some, this will mean aiming for 10,000 steps per day or downlo(...)

The  ‘Swim for a mile Challenge’ event held in the National Aquatic Centre in Blanchardstown. File photograph: Nick Bradshaw

I once knew a man who would dismally greet the coming of each new year with the words: “Another 12 months gone by and still no better”. January certai(...)

The Department of Health’s advice on treating mumps, part of the ‘Health Hints For The Home’ package of eight leaflets distributed to Irish households in 1953.

In the mid-1950s, the Department of Health circulated an envelope of eight pamphlets to houses countrywide, with an accompanying letter from minister (...)

If you’re ‘dying for a drink’ don’t assume that you’re going to feel that way for the whole day, evening or month. Cravings come and go.

If you gave up alcohol for January you might by now be at the stage where the mention of “wine o’clock” or the arrival of Friday evening brings a twin(...)

Rachel Flaherty: It’s been two weeks since I stepped on the scales and decided to cut back on the sugary snacks, reduce portion sizes of my meals and try different types of exercise

I didn’t need any weighing scales to tell me I’d gained weight – 1st (6kg). My belt and clothes had dutifully informed me of that. January (...)

Feeling adventurous? Pilates, lifting weights, punishing push-ups and more – we try them out so you don’t have to. Photograph: iStock

Centr What is it? A full-service experience from the Hollywood star Chris Hemsworth: not just workouts, but a complete meal planner – with food for b(...)

Even making small changes can improve the way you look and feel

Most of us know which foods are healthy and which are not and how a nutritionally balanced diet with adequate amounts of protein, fat, carbohydrates, (...)

Muesli has been on tables for more than 100 years because it can be a healthy breakfast option. Just make sure to read the label. Photograph: iStock

Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dine like a pauper was once a popular mantra with those who wanted to be healthy. January is(...)

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