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The Anyware Smart Adapter plugs into your light fitting and you team it up with the companion app to get going.

How much do you like your smart home set-up? Wouldn’t it be nice if it was all a bit, I don’t know, smarter? The Anyware Smart Adapter is trying to be(...)

Microsoft is working on its second-gen HoloLens

HoloLens may have passed you buy. That’s because Microsoft’s mixed reality headset isn’t exactly a consumer product; the tech giant has been pitching (...)

Bang & Olufsen’s  Beoplay P6 ticks all the right boxes for style and substance

It’s summer, which means – hopefully – plenty of trips to the beach, picnics in the park and maybe the odd sun holiday here and there. So you may want(...)

Spy glasses? Spectacles V2

Remember Snap’s Spectacles? The video recording sunglasses are back, but redesigned. They still have the same basic look at the first set, but they ar(...)

Anybody home? You’ll never have to answer that door again if you don’t want to

Do you get a creeping feeling of dread when the doorbell rings? Nest Hello (€279), the video doorbell from the people that brought you a thermostat th(...)

HP Spectre 13

★★★★ Laptops were supposed to be obsolete by now. Or at least that was the thinking a few years ago. Tablets would take over, and combined with the i(...)

The Retro Pocket Games console is perfect for zapping bus boredom or train tedium

Check out the size of this mini console. Sure, it won’t rival the Nintendo Switch in terms of power, but there are 150 retro games contained in its mi(...)

From bluetooth tags to location services on smartphones, we are a little hung up on keeping track of our things. You don’t always want to wait until a(...)

Remember when Nokia decided to throw its lot in with Microsoft’s Windows Phone software rather than go for Android? That didn’t work too well. Nokia s(...)

Xbox Adaptive Controller: it has big programmable buttons, and it connects to switches, buttons, mounts and joysticks

Microsoft has developed an adaptive control for the Xbox One and Windows games, giving games fans with different mobility needs a programmable control(...)

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