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The iPhone Xs Max comes with dual cameras on the rear, is water resistant up to two metres and has wireless charging.

The now annual refresh of the iPhone has been announced, and this year we get to pick from three phones. Apple may have ditched the “s” version last y(...)

Series 4 of Apple’s smartwatch: bigger watch face.

Series 4 of Apple’s smartwatch has been given a bit of an upgrade. Not only is it bigger, with the sizes bumped up from 30mm and 42mm to 40mm and 44mm(...)

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 From €729 When it comes to tablets, there are a few things I like to see. First, a decent screen, one that I can still see in (...)

Roomba i7+: hoovers the dust and dirt out of the bin as the cleaner docks.

I hate vacuuming. Everything about it: the monotony, having to get into nooks and crannies, remembering to empty the cleaner regularly. Over the years(...)

There are two options for using the Flip: wall mount, if it will be a fixture in your meeting room permanently; or a wheeled stand that you can use to push it around from room to room.

The humble flipchart may be a mainstay of your meeting room, but what if there was a better way? And by better, I mean more high tech. Samsung is tr(...)

Polaroid OneStep+: You can trigger the shutter by clapping your hands.

Nostalgia is a powerful thing. Take a look at the Polaroid OneStep+ for example. The original OneStep was released in 1977 as an analogue, instant cam(...)

Panasonic’s   HD605N headphones boasts  20 hours of playback from a single charge

When it comes to travel essentials, noise-cancelling headphones feature high up on that list. Panasonic’s latest version, the HD605N headphones, fea(...)

The mid-range handset market is a tough place to be these days, with competition heating up. Now HTC is back with a new handset, the U12 Life, which c(...)

The Surface Go  slots in below the Surface laptop and Surface Pro in the  family of devices

Microsoft Surface Go  from €459 Remember the Surface 3? Microsoft’s tablet was intended to capture the Windows version of the iPad market, comi(...)

Keep dreaming: Instadreamer  claims its device gives you control of your dreams

There are things you never really knew you needed until they’re in front of you, begging for backing on a crowdfunding campaign. And then there are t(...)

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