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The idea of headphones just for sleep seems a bit of an extravagance. The idea of spending €350 on headphones for sleep seems even more of one. But Ko(...)

€179 It was only a matter of time before Huawei unveiled a new version of its Freebuds earbuds that would keep up with Apple’s AirPods Pro. The lates(...)

Xbox Series S

Microsoft is set to add not one but two new consoles to its next-gen line-up. Can’t quite stretch to the Xbox Series X? Then take a look at its more a(...)

Withings Scan Watch: Your steps and other data is displayed in a small screen set into the watch face.

Withings Scan Watch (€280) Withings has been quietly turning out activity trackers with one big advantage: they don’t need to be charged. They rely i(...)

Team the Spark Smart Guitar amp with its app and you’ll have the chords for your fav songs on your smartphone screen.

Spark Smart Guitar amp ($299) Fifteen years ago I decided I wanted to learn how to play the guitar. I never made it past two chords. I had a second g(...)

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2.

We were all excited for Samsung’s first folding phone. The Fold was a step into a new category, offering users a hybrid between a phone and a tablet t(...)

Sky Q HDR: Its improved programme guide is where most people will really feel the benefit.

Sky Q HDR (From €37 per month) When Sky Q launched in 2016, it brought a new platform that was designed not just for Sky’s pay TV services, but as a (...)

DJI Om 4

Fancy yourself as a budding film-maker but only have your smartphone? These days that doesn’t matter. Most of the premium smartphones can hold their o(...)

Kokoon Sleep Aid earphones are wireless, so you won’t wake up with a cable tangled all around you.

Kokoon Sleep Aid earphones (€350) Only a couple of years ago, the idea of wearing a specific set of headphones for sleeping seemed a little daft. Aft(...)

The Samsung Tab S7+ is priced from €919

You’d be forgiven for having missed the launch of the a Tab S7+. It was one of a rake of products released by Samsung at its Unpacked event, and it ma(...)

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