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Proscenic   is one of the lesser known brands on the market, but at first glance, its P11 looks the part

If you are still using a corded vacuum cleaner, you are missing out. Cordless vacuum cleaners have come a long way from their early incarnations, brin(...)

The Hub is camera free, which makes it less creepy to have in the bedroom, and sleep sensing is completely opt-in – and easy to opt out if you change your mind. Photograph: iStock

Google would like to tell you how well you sleep. Not in creepy way (allegedly) but by using the sensors in its second generation Nest Hub to track an(...)

Retro radio: you just need a nine-volt battery to keep the device running.

Build Your own Retro Radio Kit (€27) Forget about streaming services and try your hand at building your own retro radio. This new kit gives you ever(...)

The AirTag is the Bluetooth tracker you probably didn’t realise you needed.

Apple isn’t the first company to bring a bluetooth tag to the market, but, as the company has shown in the past, being first isn’t what counts. Afte(...)

Siemens EQ9 S700 Plus Connect: If you like your coffee, this machine is right up your street. It’s easy to use, with both  a regular and  barista mode.

Siemens EQ9 S700 Plus Connect (€1,900) There was a time when I didn’t drink coffee. That was before a full-time job and two small children, when I wo(...)

Sony XP500: two high-efficiency tweeters for powerful sound.

Sony X-Series (from €369) If the theme of the summer is outdoors, then Sony’s new X-Series wireless speakers may be a good investment. You get three (...)

HP+ From €49 HP has made its new cloud-based ecosystem for its printers, HP+, available in Ireland, aimed at meeting the needs of a hybrid workplace(...)

Microsoft’s new Surface Laptop 4 range

Microsoft is adding to its Surface line-up with a new version of its Surface Laptop. The Surface Laptop 4 was unveiled along with a number of other p(...)

HyVibe Smart Guitar

Forget about smart amps: the HyVibe is an acoustic smart guitar that has technology built in that gives you amp-like features without having to invest(...)

OneSonic BXS-HD1 wireless earphones.

If you haven’t moved over to wireless earbuds by now, you are in a shrinking group of smartphone users. Ever since Apple decided to ditch the headphon(...)

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