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Pumpkins: you can grow them in Irealnd, but it is not for the faint hearted. Photograph: Danny Lawson/PA

If all pumpkins are squash, does that mean that all squash are pumpkins? Possibly so, but I think not. Though the variety of both is simply outstandin(...)

Consuming less can encourage us to buy better quality things that last longer and work more efficiently. Photograph: Getty Images

The rate of consumption of resources by humans on the planet has increased four-fold since 1970, while the population has merely doubled. We are all u(...)

1. Peel and dice the apple. Place in a pan with 2 tbsp water and the sugar. Simmer gently till the apple is soft then add the mustard, thyme, vinegar (...)

‘Living with my parents, who are in their 60s, has been very difficult.’ Photograph: Getty Images

Dear Roe, I moved from London back to my parents’ house in the early stages of lockdown. I’d lost my job and my flat, my relationship had ended, and (...)

Pork is perfect with apple and a few blackberries add a delicious autumnal twist

Always, when thinking seasonally, I go by the mantra that if it grows together, it goes together. Like carrot and parsnip. This time of year, blackber(...)

Poacher restaurant, in Ballina, Co. Mayo. Photograph: Keith Heneghan

“Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.” Coco Chanel’s great line can equally apply to many restaurant dishes. There’s(...)

Eva Milka and Eoin Jenkinson of Gaelic Escargot, the snail farm and business they run in County Carlow. Photograph: Bryan O’Brien

From hemp and medicinal herbs, a new generation of farmers are exploring new methods and new crops  Eva Milka first came to Ireland from Po(...)

I know. Officially it is now autumn, in Ireland at least. I don’t enjoy the darker months of the year and this season in particular. I am taking my vi(...)

Arm jewellery by Sorcha O’Rallaghaigh for this year’s Create

A 3m-high mannequin in a blood-red dress and an embellished mask stopped passers-by in their tracks on Oxford Street, London, some years ago – it was (...)

The expert advice is that one of the best ways to remain healthy is to get a strong dose of daylight early in the morning. File photograph: Getty Images

Turn off the tv and climb off the couch. Getting out and about over the winter months is a fun and free way to boost your physical and mental healt(...)

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