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‘Don’t look at physical affection and intimacy as stepping stones, or a means to an end’ Photograph: iStock

Dear Roe, My girlfriend of two years rarely wants to have sex any more, and will rarely instigate any sexual activity. This is mainly due to repeatedl(...)

An evening swim in the clear waters of Sweden’s Bohuslän archipelago. Photograph: Clive  Tompsett/

From floating hotels and crayfish feasts to kayak expeditions and secluded island retreats, exploring Sweden’s Bohuslän archipelago is a pure connecti(...)

Ikea shift: Conor Pope during his day at the Dublin store. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

“Well, what the f**k are you doing in all that yellow then?” snarls the angriest man in Ikea after I tell him I don’t know where the returns departmen(...)

Gigi, old school Italian restaurant in Ranelagh, Dublin

Gigi is so 1980s I’m almost surprised to be handed the bill. Surely my dad should get that while I wrestle my brothers over the free Milky Moos? There(...)

Let’s talk about sex: not just as a list of dire warnings. Photograph: iStock

I was having a conversation with a friend recently about our sprawling family trees. He told me about a member of his extended family, who was a grand(...)

‘Twas you,’ he goes. ‘Or a fool very like you!’ I’m there, “That’s a very serious allegation to make.”

I’m looking at them now. They’re all a bit fuller in the waist and greyer in the locks than when I saw them last. One or two look like they should b(...)

Spicy tofu bao

My love for spuds and bread runs deep, so when I first tried the mega-trendy bao buns, it was a bite and a sigh and a “where have you been all my life(...)

A lot of ups and downs

WHAT’S HOT Lost Lane A new venue and bar opening soon where Lillie’s Bordello used to be Weekday Some of our favourite denim is by this Swedish bran(...)

Spicy tofu bao
Spicy tofu bao

Mix the soya sauce, gochujang, ginger and garlic in a bowl. Add the sliced tofu to the mix. Leave to marinate for about 24 hours in order to get a mor(...)

Toasted millet buck eyes

Heat a dry pan and toast the millet. Mix everything else in a food processor. Stir the toasted millet into the mix and set aside in the fridge for an(...)

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