Mark Twain: ‘Age is a matter of mind over matter. If you don’t mind it doesn’t matter.’

We are all familiar with the saying “You’re only as old as you feel”. As Irish-born artist Francis Bacon said “I will never be an old man. To me old a(...)

Pedestrians wear face masks on O’Connell Street, Dublin. Photograph: Alan Betson

We will long remember all the precautions we took, and are still taking, to avoid contracting Covid-19: social distancing, face masks, sanitising hand(...)

Bioenergy with carbon capture and storage (known as BECCS) sucks CO2 from the air, but it cannot be applied on the huge scale required. Photograph: iStock

While preparing my last ccolumn advocating increased nuclear power to minimise global warming, I came across disturbing information that shook my(...)

Several European Union countries plan to phase out nuclear energy by 2030.

We must control global warming because, left unchecked, climate change could ruin human civilisation. We know the solution – we must effectively elim(...)

Much research demonstrates that people’s behaviour, including diet, has a bigger impact on mortality than body size does.

We hear a lot about the worldwide epidemic of obesity and consequent ill-health effects – diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol and more. A “norma(...)

Prof Joseph Stiglitz. Photograph: Eric Luke

Since the second World War, most countries have used gross domestic product (GDP) as the core metric for prosperity and for generally gauging how well(...)

The first case of Covid-19 was described in December 2019 and since then  several very effective vaccines have been developed. Photograph: Roger Kisby/Bloomberg

Let me give you two sets of names: (A) Tony Holohan, Paul Reid, Sam McConkey, Fergal Bowers; (B) Ugur Sahin, Ozlem Tureci, Katalin Kariko, Hamilton Be(...)

Prof William Reville: emeritus professor of biochemistry at UCC and Irish Times contributor has been honoured with the Ireland United States Alumni Association  Distinguished Alumni Award for 2021

Prof William Reville has been awarded the Ireland United States Alumni Association (IUSA) Distinguished Alumni Award for 2021 in recognition of his co(...)

Late-shift medical staff donning PPE on the Covid side of the emergency department of St Vincent’s University Hospital, Dublin. Photograph: Alan Betson

I have no doubt many of you, like myself, are sick and tired of listening to non-stop bad news in the media about Covid-19. “Sick and tired” in this c(...)

A line of moai statues at Tongariki bay on Easter Island, the world’s most remote inhabited island. Photograph: Carlos Barria/Reuters

Most people have heard of the decimation of the population of Easter Island (also called Rapa Nui) and have seen pictures of the massive stone statues(...)

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