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Mary O’Dea

Mary O’Dea, who stepped in as acting head of the financial regulator during the crisis, has quit the Central Bank months after returning to the organi(...)

The number of homes available to buy remains critically low, and this continues to exert upward price pressure in particular at the lower end of the market, where first-time buyers are desperate to move on from paying  rent.

A year further along in our so-called “economic recovery” and the property market remains dysfunctional. It’s an indictment of measures taken – or not(...)

 Professor Philip Lane, Governor of the Central Bank at Leinster House. Photograph: Cyril Byrne

Patrick Honohan, picked by the Government in 2009 to sort out the Central Bank and the State’s lenders as it grappled with the financial crisis, settl(...)

Britain and the EU have reached agreement on the divorce bill, with London expected to pay more than €50 billion

Britain and the EU have reached agreement on the divorce bill, with London expected to pay more than €50 billion. While the final sum will only be agr(...)

  Central Bank  governor Philip Lane:  his cautious approach is   tempered by  a number of factors which threaten   house prices such as Brexit and changes in international tax. Photograph: Cyril Byrne

Is a soft-landing ever possible in the Irish housing market? Or in the roller-coaster world of the Irish property market are we heading for another ho(...)

House prices are rising at an annual rate of almost 13%.

The Central Bank has moved to tighten second-time home buyers’ access to large loans as property prices continue to rebound at pace from the financial(...)

The Central Bank has retained most elements of its mortgage-cap rules, though it tweaked a measure to restrict the amount to which second-time buyers can breach a key loan-to-income cap. Photograph: Niall Carson/PA Wire

The Central Bank has moved to restrict second-time home buyers’ ability to breach a key loan-to-income borrowing restriction as its governor, Philip L(...)

Pensioner prediction: the numbers aged over 65 are set to more than double by 2046, according to CSO projections. Photograph: Jonathan Brady/PA Wire

At a time the economy was booming, the National Pension Reserve Fund was established in 2001, taking up a proposal by Prof Philip Lane to plan ahead f(...)

Despite a pick-up in lending, most notably Central Bank governor Philip Lane says Ireland’s credit cycle remains “subdued”. As a result, he said the(...)

Philip Lane, governor of the Central Bank: has warned individual bankers could face sanctions over tracker mortgage abuses. Photograph: Cyril Byrne
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Individual bankers could be sanctioned over tracker mortgage scandal Individual bankers could face sanctions from the Central Bank of Ireland resulti(...)

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