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Mathematics reaches into every corner of our lives, whether we know it or not, and this book highlights that

Full disclosure, I know the author and Irish Times science page columnist Peter Lynch well. He pioneered numerical weather prediction in Met Éireann; (...)

A statue of Galileo outside the Uffizi in Florence. He was one of the first to question Euclid’s conclusions. Photograph: iStock

Euclid flourished about 50 years after Aristotle and was certainly familiar with Aristotle’s Logic. Euclid’s organisation of the work of earlier geome(...)

The frequency for all the possible values follows a bell-shaped curve centred on the mean value.

A byelection for the Seanad Éireann Dublin University constituency, arising from the election of Ivana Bacik to Dáil Éireann, is in progress. There ar(...)

English mathematician, meteorologist and psychologist Lewis Fry Richardson (standing, centre) at a lecture in Newcastle in September 1949. Photograph: Kurt Hutton/Picture Post/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

One hundred years ago, a remarkable book was published by Cambridge University Press. It was a commercial flop: although the print run was just 750 c(...)

American topologist Stephen Smale used to do his research on the beach in Rio de Janeiro.

Where does new mathematics come from? The great French mathematician Henri Poincaré, a brilliant expositor of the scientific method, described how he (...)

Equations have great power in clarifying results

In his scientific bestseller, A Brief History of Time, Stephen Hawking remarked that every equation he included would halve sales of the book, so he p(...)

For several years, starting in 1760, Euler wrote a series of letters to Friederike Charlotte, princess of Brandenburg-Schwedt, a niece of Frederick the Great of Prussia

The great Swiss mathematician Leonhard Euler produced profound and abundant mathematical works. Publication of his Opera Omnia began in 1911 and, with(...)

The Irish mathematician William Rowan Hamilton. After he died  ‘innumerable dinner plates were found buried in the mountainous piles of papers’ in his office.
The mind of the mathematician

What are mathematicians really like? What are the characteristics or traits of personality typical among them? Mathematicians are rarely the heroes of(...)

A stamp featuring Jakob Bernoulli and his golden theorem

Jakob Bernoulli, head of a dynasty of brilliant scholars, was one of the world’s leading mathematicians. His great work, Ars Conjectandi, published in(...)

Coillte and ESB launched a €1 billion joint venture that aims to build enough wind farms to supply 500,000 homes with electricity by 2030.

Futurenergy, a €1 billion green electricity venture launched jointly by Coillte and ESB, will seek investors interested in backing the business early(...)

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