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The home-international championship for the Camrose trophy will be decided at City North hotel, Gormanstown, Co Meath, next Friday to Sunday, April 6th-8th. Photograph: Getty Images
Bridge notes

Cross-channel competitors challenged strongly for the main honours at Galway congress at the weekend. In the congress pairs Diarmuid Reddan and Wels(...)

John Cunningham (38), who has been undocumented in the US since 1999, was arrested by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials at a private residence in Boston on Friday

The Department of Foreign Affairs has urged undocumented Irish in the US “to remain calm” after a prominent Donegal man living illegally for 18 years (...)

Former deputy editor of The Irish Times James “Jim” Downey  at his home in Monkstown, Co Dublin, in October 2009. File photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons/The Irish Times

James Downey had journalism and politics in his blood, but last Wednesday he decided he could wait no longer for a government to be formed, mourners a(...)

The family of the late former Sinn Féin official Denis Donaldson has accused the State of wilful obstruction in the investigation of his death nine years ago. Photograph: Paul Faith/PA Wire.

The family of the late Sinn Féin official Denis Donaldson has accused the State of wilful obstruction in the investigation of his death nine years ago(...)

People in Bundoran think the lucky punter who won €12 million in the Lotto was more likely to be a local than a visitor.

The €12,155,282 Lotto jackpot winner has so far managed to remain invisible in a seaside town where most locals know each other.But betting in Bundora(...)

Judge Kevin Kilrane found Bimbo Paden worked in conditions that were “inequitable, unreasonable and unsafe”

A judge has found that a nurse who admitted placing surgical tape across a patient’s mouth was overwor(...)

A nurse today admitted taping a patient’s mouth to keep him quiet in a long-term care hospital. Bimbo Paden, a 39-year-old father of three, ple(...)

Joe Brolly: “The system in Ireland in the past year has improved to a great extent. We are now number three in Europe in lung transplantation, when not so long ago we were at the bottom of the list.”

Campaigner Joe Brolly appealed yesterday for more organ donations while he was at the funeral of a young man who featured in h(...)

Barter for beer: a pub in Keash, outside Ballymote, Co Sligo, offered a pint for a bag of turf at the weekend. Photograph: Joerg Koch

in SligoIn a throwback to old-fashioned ways, patrons of the only pub in Keash, outside Ballymote, Co Sligo, got their pints and spirits for a bag of (...)

A map showing the location of the medieval monastic enclosure  at Drumholm, near Ballintra, in Co Donegal. Map: Google Maps

The remains of a medieval monastic enclosure which, it is claimed, could be as big a discovery as Clonmacnoise, Inishmurray or Reask in Co Kerry were (...)