December 22nd, 1989: Romanians took to the streets in an anti-Communist uprising to end Nicolae Ceausescu’s 24 years of dictatorial rule. Photograph: Joel Robine/AFP via Getty

The grainy footage still conveys the air of unreality in the cramped room as Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu, Romania’s ruling couple for 24 years, faced (...)

A young man waves a Romanian flag with the communist symbol cut out from the balcony of the central communist headquarters overlooking Republic square on December 26th, 1989. Photograph: Rob Taggart/ Reuters

The wave of revolutions that swept away central Europe’s communist regimes 30 years ago was remarkably peaceful until it struck Romania. More than 1,1(...)

A young man waves a Romanian flag with the communist symbol cut out from the balcony of the central communist headquarters overlooking Republic Square in Bucharest on December 26th, 1989. Photograph:  Rob Taggart/Reuters

Teodor Maries had never seen anything like it: Romanian riot police were locking down central Bucharest, a speech by communist dictator Nicolae Ceause(...)

Pope Francis blessing children during a meeting with members of the Roma community in Blaj, Romania. Photograph: Vatican Media handout/AFP/Getty

Pope Francis has asked forgiveness in the name of the Catholic Church for the mistreatment of the Roma people, a move likely to increase tensions wit(...)

 Artist Jim Fitzpatrick with a promotional image of a stamp featuring his world famous image of Che Guevara.

A prominent Cuban-American radio host is calling on An Post to explain why it decided to put Che Guevara on a stamp. Ninoska Perez Castellón, a promi(...)

The €1 stamp features a famous image of Guevara, a leading figure in the Cuban revolution, by Dublin artist Jim Fitzpatrick.

A Fine Gael Senator has said a decision by An Post to commission a new stamp commemorating revolutionary Che Guevara is “totally objectionable”. Nea(...)

The construction of the Esplanada dos Ministerios on the Monumental Axis in Brasilia, Brazil, circa 1959:  these days the whole “new city” concept seems a bit archaic, a retro-futurist dream of modernist optimism. Photograph: Harvey Meston/Archive Photos/Getty Images

Beware brainstorming awaydays. If you’ve ever had the misfortune of being dragged along to one of these grim exercises in corporate team-building, you(...)

“Apple Park is Steve Jobs’s last, posthumous, hurrah; as a vanity project it is roughly on a par with Nicolae Ceausescu’s People’s Palace in Bucharest.” Photograph: Robert Galbraith/Reuters

A giant spaceship has landed in Cupertino. This summer, 12,000 Apple employees will start to move into this great disc of a building, which has been e(...)

Bucharest, Romania: Anti-government protesters wear T-shirts emblazoned with  a quote attributed to Thomas Jefferson: “When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty”. Photograph: Dan McLaughlin

Radu Dinescu was already in bed when Romanian media broke the news. “When I heard what the government had done I got up, got dressed and came straigh(...)

Tens of thousands of people gather for a demonstration in from of the government building in Bucharest, Romania on Sunday. Photograph: Darko Bandic/AP

Romania’s embattled new government has rejected calls to resign amid the country’s biggest protests in a generation, but it is unclear whether it wil(...)

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