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American singer Sam Beam aka Iron & Wine performs during a concert at the Huxleys in Berlin, Germany, 2018. Photograph: Frank Hoensch

Not many people know this, but 20 years ago, when American singer- songwriter Sam Beam was studying film, he was working on a low budget movie in the (...)

When is a solo album not a solo album? Perhaps when it’s a film soundtrack that is reluctant to untether itself from what makes the artist so characte(...)

Gerry Leonard (far right) with David Bowie and band: ‘The pinnacle of my career in New York.’

Heading out on my first ever visit to New York, I was told, “Don’t look up!”; thieves will know you are a tourist and push you in a doorway and mug yo(...)

A lo-fi acoustic album that was recorded in a bathroom by a young twentysomething with a penchant for despondency? It would be more surprising if Ange(...)

From Rob Da Bank’s ever-unpredictable Sunday Best label comes this debut from Laucan – aka Englishman Laurence Galpin. Frames per Second is a thorough(...)

It’s an irony that this latest project from Sonny Condell with poet Patrick Kehoe illuminates the very essence of his songwriting strengths. Condell(...)

British singer-songwriter Nick Drake is often cited as a major influence, but his doomed romantic persona and poetic sensibility stemmed, it seems, fr(...)

US songwriter and singer Will Stratton makes no excuses for his debts to the likes of Nick Drake and Sufjan Stevens, yet there’s something else entire(...)

Geoff Travis at his Rough Trade Shop in London, circa 1977. Photograph: estate of Keith Morris/Redferns/Getty Images

Geoff Travis signed the Smiths and the Strokes, but the founder of Rough Trade Records is also completely over the moon about his latest acquisition: (...)

The Alan Turing computerised poem/artwork at Paddington. Photograph:  Julia Kreitman

Behind Paddington Station, underneath a bridge by the canal stands a rectangle of black, perforated, aluminium panels, through which an LED display sh(...)

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