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Cary Grant and Phyllis Brooks at the Polaroid movie in the Chrysler Building at the New York’s World Fair. Photograph: Getty

Seven or eight years ago, I was required to attend a commercial screening of an animated children’s film. Raised frugally, I thought to root through t(...)

Donegal-shot God’s Creatures stars Paul Mescal (left), Emily Watson (right) and Aisling Franciosi

God’s Creatures, a Screen Ireland production starring Paul Mescal, Emily Watson and Aisling Franciosi, is to have its world premiere in the prestigiou(...)

Lily Gladstone and Leonardo di Caprio in Killers of the Flower Moon

Once again we stick our fingers into chicken innards and predict what the 10 best picture nominees will be at the 2023 Oscars. We did well last year. (...)

Frances McDormand in Nomadland

Where does this year’s winner, CODA, sit in our film critic's ranking of 21st-century Oscar winners? If you are tempted to write to the letters (...)

Patricia Arquette, now 53, is back on the small screen in the thriller Severance, a workplace fantasy directed by Ben Stiller. Photograph: Stephane Cardinale - Corbis/Corbis via Getty Images

“How did I feel?” repeats Patricia Arquette, clearly irritated. I have just asked the actor how it felt to land a role in Medium, the supernatural dra(...)

Andrew Garfield at home in Calgary, Canada in August 2021. Photograph: Alana Paterson/The New York Times

'It’s much more fun to have a secret than to not have a secret': the former web-slinger talks about his new film, The Eyes of Tammy Faye, and keepi(...)

The 1970s returns: Paul Thomas Anderson’s Licorice Pizza, starring Alana Haim and Cooper Hoffman

Paul Thomas Anderson’s Licorice Pizza, the buzziest film of this recently minted year, is about a juvenile actor moving into the waterbed business. It(...)

Juliette Lewis: ‘My parents cultivated this rebel, meaning they cultivated the individual spirit.’  Photograph: Akasha Rabut/The New York Times

Lately, Juliette Lewis has been thinking about being invincible. She’s not, of course – witness the soft knee brace encircling her right, faux-leather(...)

Halloween Kills

Another film originally scheduled for release in a different time finally lands in our cinemas. Not everyone would have guessed that David Gordon Gree(...)

Barbara Hershey: ‘I think people should have fair trials, and I don’t know if Woody Allen did.’ Photograph: Dominik Bindl/Getty

In 1973, Barbara Hershey – then known as Barbara Seagull, for reasons we’ll get into shortly – went on the US talkshow The Dick Cavett Show and torped(...)

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