Nos 86-89 Upper Leeson Street, which were threatened with demolition in the late 1960s. Photograph: Andy Sheridan

It was the tumbling of perfectly fine Victorian villas on Burlington Road in the late 1960s, to make way for office blocks, that spurred Carmencita He(...)

In Ireland and elsewhere, opponents of extending the right to women argued that serving on juries would conflict with their duties at home, or even that the features of certain criminal trials would be too onerous for women of a certain (read delicate) temperament. Photograph: Alan Betson

Few pillars of our democratic system are more important and at the same time more poorly understood than the jury system. Some of the mystery is there(...)

Funeral of Donal Barrington pictured at St. Patrick’s Church, Monkstown Co Dublin. Photograph: Stephen Collins/Collins Photos

The former Supreme Court judge, Donal Barrington, saw the Constitition as a living, breathing document that respected the human rights of all, his fun(...)

Henry Fonda in 12 Angry Men – the film cast an important light on the jury system - all male – and the dynamics of its debate.

It’s one of the key principles of the Republic’s courts system: that, subject to specific exemptions, nobody shall be tried on any crimi(...)