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A screengrab from a video by student Michael Gilna shows Sam the Trinity fox with her new cubs

Nature is healing. A year after being found on the street emaciated and mange-ridden, Sam, the fox living on the grounds of Trinity College Dublin (TC(...)

The Lawns being removed from the front entrance at Trinity College. Photograph Nick Bradshaw

The manicured lawns at the front entrance at Trinity College Dublin have been removed and are about to be transformed into a wildflower meadow in resp(...)

The front of Trinity College Dublin has been under manicured lawns for at least 150 years. Photograph: iStock

Trinity College Dublin’s manicured front lawns are to be transformed into a bee-friendly wild-flower meadow after the public overwhelmingly backed the(...)

Trinity College Dublin is to ask the public to vote on its plans to turn the formal grass area outside the front of the university into an urban wildf(...)

The original fallen tree being cut and removed from Library Square in Trinity College Dublin. Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

Trinity College is to remove another of its historic trees after the collapse of a famous 170-year-old maple in Library Square in the early hours of l(...)

Prof John Parnell, who led the study by University of Aberdeen’s School of Geosciences, said the significance of the selenium discovery in the north of England lay in the risk of high levels of the element being released into groundwater during drilling or fracking operations (above). File photograph: Getty Images

Scientists have found high levels of the toxic element selenium in rock samples from an area in the north of England that has been targeted for shale (...)

Down by the sally garden: the willow in spring. Illustration: Michael Viney

A blaze of golden yellow halfway down the garden proclaims an invader to our small estate, where a self-sown goat willow, (...)