Bologna, Italy

You made it through January, it must be time to reward yourself by planning a weekend away in the spring. There is nothing wrong with the classics – s(...)

Budapest-Nyugati palyaudvar train station in Budapest, Hungary.

A century after the end of the first World War and the collapse of the Austro-Hungarian empire, trains still rumble in and out of Nyugati station in B(...)

The centre of Porto, which retains many of its original 18th century buildings, has been classified as a world heritage site by Unesco

The only thing I knew about Porto before arriving there was the famous drink that takes its name from the city – port. I did not even know it was on t(...)

Lofty London

London is not as big as it seems. Elaborate bus routes, colour-coded tube maps and thick A-Z indexes can conjure an overwhelmingly complex metropolis.(...)

 Surfers on  the Severn Bore,  a natural tidal phenomenon that pushes a 4ft wave up the Severn Estuary in Gloucestershire. Photograph:  Matt Cardy/Getty Images

According to the old adage, water finds its own level, but this is true only for still water. In more dynamic situations where the water is moving rap(...)