Greta Thunberg

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A firefighter during nighttime firefighting operations at the Bootleg Fire, near Klamath Falls, Oregon. Photograph: US Forest Service/AFP via Getty Images

Holy smokes. It feels like we are living through the first vertiginous 15 minutes of a disaster movie, maybe one called The Day After Tomorrow was Yes(...)

Mary Portas – her ‘brand’  sharply cut red hair style has been replaced by a softer, natural cut of blond shot with grey.

Mary Portas loosely divides the world into the “give-a-f**ks” and the “don’t-give-a-f**ks”. Once she might have found herself sashaying around the lat(...)

Temperature tourism: People pose for photos at the Furnace Creek Visitors Center, Sunday, July 11th in Death Valley – and the temperature continued to rise. Photograph: Roger Kisby/The New York Times

While we were busy worrying about digital passports and whether unvaccinated children should be in restaurants, ominous things were happening in other(...)

 “Domination of the atmosphere is not a role we ever sought or warranted.” Illustration: Thunderclouds by Michael Viney

A stormless and flood-free winter and radiant if chilly spring could have fooled us into thinking that climate change was in abeyance, and the human w(...)

Wish you were here? Photograph: Getty

I was on a pay phone on the Isle of Man calling home when they told me the news. The plan was to ask for a temporary cash injection to tide me over un(...)

Made in Chelsea: Covid means the cast have isolated in a grand English country house, but they are still bejewelled with wealth. Photograph: Channel 4

In the first episode of the reality-TV show Bling Empire, an heiress named Anna Shay commits to an excursion so globe-straddlingly audacious it w(...)

Michael Stipe: ‘My life’s work with music is intangible’. Photograph: Adam Berry/Getty

The last time I saw Michael Stipe he had a beanie hat on and was wandering between the tents at the Extinction Rebellion camp in Trafalgar Square(...)

 Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg  during a Fridays for Future protest in  Stockholm. Photograph:  Jonathan Nackstrand/AFP via Getty Images

The environmental movement of school children begun by Swedish activist Greta Thunberg is making a last bid to scupper European Union farming subsidie(...)


The shift towards environmentally friendly fashion has been building for many years The past year has taught us many things, including how impor(...)

Trinity College says its E3 education is designed to give graduates the skills they need to create solutions that enable society to live sustainably and equitably. Photograph: iStock

My daughter is due to take her Leaving Cert in June and is determined to do two things: attend Trinity and find a career involved in addressing climat(...)

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