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Sepsis is a life-threatening condition triggered when infection in the bloodstream overwhelms the body’s immune system.  Photograph: iStock

A breakthrough in rapid testing for sepsis has been given a lukewarm welcome by Irish doctors who believe it will take time to fully measure its poten(...)

Staff in emergency rooms see fraudulent cases every week, says Dr Chris Luke. Photograph: Alan Betson

Emergency medicine expert Dr Chris Luke claims that staff in emergency departments in Ireland see between one and six fraudulent accident claimants ev(...)

“Even giving extra goodwill at Christmas means that the doctors and nurses involved are even more rostered and burnt out – it’s not a viable solution.” Photograph: Frank Miller

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar’s calls for nurses and hospital consultants not to take holidays in January will “go down like a lead balloon” with already ove(...)

It is illegal to possess or operate fireworks without a permit. Photograph: Alan Betson

Firework displays should be left to professionals and if that is not possible should only be handled by sensible and sober adults but never children, (...)

The crystal meth seized in Cork. Photograph: Revenue

Gardaí have arrested a man following the seizure of a quantity of crystal methamphetamine in Cork city. The 48-year-old Irish man was arrested by gar(...)

Prof Niall O’Donohoe: wise, resourceful  and  compassionate

Those who knew the late Prof Niall O’Donohoe in recent years will recall a softly spoken polymath, a kindly grandfather figure and an incorrigible rom(...)

Emergency departments around the country are expecting a “surge” of attendances once hazardous snow and ice conditions subside. The post-storm jump i(...)

A dozen youths turned up drunk at an alcohol-free underage disco in Bandon, Co Cork, last weekend. Photograph: File/The Irish Times

At least two teenagers could have died after up to a dozen youths turned up drunk at an alcohol-free underage disco in Bandon, Co Cork, last weekend, (...)

The HSE said in a written parliamentary answer that the full capacity protocol had been invoked 199 times last year at Cork University Hospital and 150 times at Beaumont Hospital in Dublin.

Hospitals across the State implemented their highest level measures for dealing with emergency department overcrowding – known as their full capacity(...)

Crack cocaine: crack rocks are smoked for a very short but intense high, and are far more addictive than standard cocaine. Photograph: Universal/Getty

He was known as Rock One because he sold the best crack. The second best was sold by Rock Two, the third by Rock Three and so on. They were part of a (...)

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