Someone has to be crazy on Homeland. The Showtime series, which begins its seventh season on Thursday on RTE Two, has always remained true to the cent(...)

He works hard for the money:  The Punisher

My first encounter with mental health on television was on The A-Team. I’ve written about this before. I’m slightly obsessed with The A-Team. The most(...)

‘Look into my eyes. Watch the show. Tell your friends.’

Homeland has the sort of survival instincts that Jack Bauer would kill for (actually that’s setting the bar quite low; Jack would kill to skip the qu(...)

Sesame Street has a long-running tradition of getting celebrities in to shoot the breeze with beloved Muppets like Elmo, Big Bird, the Count, and of c(...)

The CIA is not only the most paranoid and insecure agency in town – as bipolar as Clare Danes’s character Carrie in Homeland – it might also be the most image-conscious.

Carrie Mathison may be banished from the fictional CIA on Homeland, but she was welcomed with open arms at the real one on Monday. “Our field trip to (...)