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It’s normal to harbour doubts and fears – even without  the added pressure of the disruption caused by a worldwide pandemic.

I don’t know how many people wake up with a sense of dread in the mornings. The number must be higher than usual at this time of disruption – but it h(...)

We wonder what our colleagues, boss, subordinates, children think about us. Photograph: iStock

“I wonder if he ever thinks about me?” The question is asked by a woman in a documentary about people who go missing in Japan (it’s on YouTube as “Jap(...)

If your family demand you  consistently come top of your class, you might be wise not to take that demand seriously. But are you sure they are even demanding this?

In separate conversations in Dublin and Belfast recently, high levels of stress among third-level students came up. Some of those I spoke to attribute(...)

It’s often their imperfections and departures from the norm that make people  memorable.

A child comes home with an assignment for which the teacher has given a mark of 90 per cent and shows it proudly to the parents. They respond by askin(...)

The wisdom of the centuries can be heard on a bus. Photograph: iStock

I was reminded of the wisdom of the centuries on the 123 bus in Dublin the other day when listening to two young men having an argument. It appeared (...)

The Patient Gloria: Gina Moxley’s play doesn’t feel like a breakthrough

THE PATIENT GLORIA Peacock stage, Abbey Theatre ★ ★ In the second of her three counselling sessions, filmed for the 1965 educational movie Three Appr(...)

Liv O’Donoghue in The Patient Gloria

The Patient Gloria Abbey Theatre, Peacock Stage, Dublin. Previews Sep 28 Opens Sep 29-Oct 6 8pm €25 In 1964, Gloria Szymanski decide(...)

Your faults and virtues are shared by millions, maybe billions, of other people at this moment. Photograph: iStock

“I can take care of other people but when it comes to myself it’s a different story.” Anybody working in mental health will have heard that statement(...)

“Most shame-attacking exercises are just silly, and that’s the point of them . . . when nothing terrible happens, the person experiences less anxiety in facing the world in future.” Illustration: Hong Li/Getty Images

A young Italian woman recently drew a lot of attention in Bologna by going out to do her shopping without any clothes on. Naturally she was filmed on (...)

I have always been intrigued by people who can apparently brush off levels of stress that would have most of us pulling the bed clothes over our heads until further notice. Photograph: iStock

I am not a big fan of stressful circumstances. My natural tendency has been to shrink away from them even though this usually turns out not to work in(...)

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