Trinity student Saul Kenny was left sleeping on a couch following a dispute with a landlord

Saul Kenny (20) is a student at Trinity College Dublin who was left without accommodation and sleeping on friends’ couches at the start of this colleg(...)

Green Party leader Eamon Ryan has warned against the return of bedsits. Photograph Cyril Byrne

Bringing back bedsits could mean taking back accommodation to the way they were “before the sixties”, Green Party leader Eamon Ryan has said. For fou(...)

Tenants can complain to the Residential Tenancies Board about landlords who increase rents by greater than the 4%  limit in rent-pressure zones

The Department of Housing has poured cold water on the idea of a mandatory rent register suggested as a means of helping tenants stop landlords imposi(...)

Contacts from companies were “a relatively recent phenomenon”, said Threshold. Photograph: Bryan O’Brien

Housing charity Threshold has seen an increase in queries from companies trying to help junior and foreign staff find and stay in rented accommodation(...)

Sophie Taylor: ‘I was angry, not so much that I lost that amount of money, more that I just felt humiliated.’ Photograph: Dave Meehan

The current rental market is “terrible” for anyone on a low income, says Sophie Taylor (19), a student searching for accommodation in Dublin. She wo(...)

Prospective tenants queue at a house viewing. Photograph: Bryan O’Brien

The rental crisis has left one desperate tenant in search of a home facing the loss of a job offer, another contemplating emigration and a third close(...)

While the most common reason landlords gave for termination of lease was sale of the property (41%), followed by the fact that they or family were moving in (19%), a new reason was “renovations” (12.5%)

Landlords in “rent-pressure zones” (RPZs) – where rents may increase only by up to 4 per cent a year – are “getting around” legislation by describing (...)

Zara Cassidy Cost: ‘I’ve been renting for 11 years in Dublin, but this is the first time I’ve actually felt scared’

Zara Cassidy Coss - Dublin I’ve been renting for 11 years in Dublin, but this is the first time I’ve actually felt scared. The housing crisis is affe(...)

UCD, Galway, Trinity and DCU do allow overnight guests, but they must be signed in beforehand with the accommodation management. Photograph: Bryan O’Brien

Living in on-campus residences run by the university is one option for student accommodation, and nearly all of Ireland’s universities want to build m(...)

Never hand over the deposit until you have seen the property in person and  are happy with its standards. Photograph: iStock

What do you need to know when renting a new home? What rights do you have if your landlord tries to put up your rent? Who can you turn to for support (...)