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The leisure and fitness industry continues to experience rapid growth and there are lots of opportunities. Photograph: iStock

I’d like to study a course that will get me work in the health and fitness sector which is recognised by the industry. I’m based in south Dublin and s(...)

There are lots of options - just be sure your degree meets Teaching Council requirements. Photo: iStock

My daughter is studying the BA in arts at University of Limerick (her joint honours subjects are Irish and history ) and wants to teach. She’s unsure (...)

Trust your instincts, don’t be overinfluenced by the plans of others – particularly your friends’ plans. You will make lots of new friends, wherever and whatever you end up studying. Photograph: Getty Images

1. Register now – - and save money If you hope start an undergraduate college course in Ireland next September , you need to register your application(...)

The qualifications of teachers who qualified abroad are assessed by the Teaching Council to ensure they are of a comparable standard to Irish  programmes. Photograph: iStock

I secured my teaching qualification abroad several years ago. I’ve since relocated to Ireland and want to teach, but have been told I need to be regis(...)

Aileen Harte, a history and geography teacher, has struggled to secure registration since returning from the UK last summer.   Photograph: Joe O’Shaughnessy

Aileen Harte, a history and geography teacher, has no shortage of qualifications or experience. She has a BA in heritage studies from Galway-Mayo Ins(...)

Despite Ireland’s economic recovery and uncertainty over Brexit, Irish people continue to move across the Irish Sea in large numbers. Although the num(...)

The High Court heard the teacher  also denies slapping the student’s bottom.

A teacher who denies he said to a female pupil: “Call me tonight at 10.30, I have the house to myself”, has been given permission by the High Court to(...)

Minister for Education Joe McHugh: “We have to find innovative ways to resolve the issue of teacher supply.” Photograph: Gareth Chaney Collins

Secondary schools could be asked to share teaching staff in key subjects where there is an acute shortage of qualified teachers such as physics or hom(...)

A Department of Education working group has been meeting to examine ways of boosting teacher supply in a number of subjects. Photograph: David Sleator

Bursaries for trainee teachers in subjects where there is an undersupply are being examined as part of a package of measures to tackle a “crisis” in c(...)

Ireland’s secondary school population is projected to rise until 2024. Photograph: iStock

Plans to convert hundreds of primary school teachers to second-level teachers are being explored by the Department of Education as part of a series of(...)

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