Students at fee-paying colleges benefit from smaller class sizes. Photograph: iStock

Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland Open day: Thursday, January 3rd, 2019, at York Street and St Stephen’s Green campuses Web: Located (...)

Know the code: a whole new tongue – the language of computers – will be what separates the educated from the ignorant masses of tomorrow.

The island of saints and scholars is as redundant a phrase as any other Irish cliche we choose to perpetuate. That being said, the nation’s reputati(...)

You don’t need to be a geek or maths genius to thrive in science. Photograph: iStockphoto/Getty Images

The skills shortage in science, technology, engineering and maths is deepening. There are plenty of jobs in the industry, but there are not enough peo(...)

Keith Maycock, from Mullingar, Co Westmeath on day one of his High Court action against the National College of Ireland. Photograph: Collins Courts

A lecturer has told a High Court jury that relations in his college became toxic after he objected to alleged “grade inflation” of student marks. He (...)

AIB chief executive Bernard Byrne said the babk was  “investing heavily” in data analytics.

AIB is to fund Dublin City University’s first chair in data analytics as part of a five-year partnership to promote a sector that is predicted to gen(...)

Working collaboratively: Several institutions, including Trinity, UCD and DCU offer interdisciplinary master’s degrees. Photograph: Getty

Young people throughout the European Union represent the largest cohort of jobseekers that cannot secure long-term employment. The rate of unemploy(...)

Robert Ross and Kilian Cawley: initial development costs will be about €170,000

For poultry farmers, keeping birds healthy and housed in optimal conditions is the key to success. Now thanks to some perfect matchmaking between acad(...)

A Facebook page affiliated with Islamic State shows the group’s militants in Damascus, Syria. Photograph: Rased News Network, via AP

In June a leaked internal memo from the US State Department admitted Islamic State was winning the war online. The New York Times reported the IS’s “v(...)

Gavin Kearney, founder of Jumble

It’s what we all fear but don’t really want to think about: email is not a particularly secure way to communicate. However, peace of mind may be just(...)

Santa Claus is coming: With about a billion houses to visit, and the typical distance between neighbouring houses being 10m, it is estimated that Santa will have to travel 10 million kilometres on Christmas Eve

How far must Santa travel on Christmas Eve? At a broad scale, he visits all the continents. In more detail he travels to every country. Zooming in, he(...)