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Legend has it that when Bristolian trip-hop star Tricky was flown to New York to DJ, his entire set consisted of him playing the first Specials album (...)

Cousins Fanny (Emily Beecham, right) and Linda (Lily James) are so close they take baths together

Whimsy is served up by the ladleful in the Pursuit of Love (BBC One, Sunday) Emily Mortimer’s adaptation of Nancy Mitford’s inter-war pastiche of the (...)

Jane Weaver believes in a revolution. On her ninth studio album, she supports an uprising on the second track and lead single The Revolution of Super (...)

The Warwick Hotel in Salthill, Galway, “the west’s alternative ballroom of romance”, undergoing demolition.  Photograph: Joe O’Shaughnessy

The walls have come tumbling down at the Warwick Hotel in Galway where tens of thousands of people danced and sang and shifted their way through their(...)

Bernard Sumner: ‘I was 17 and worked in a general office, thinking, ‘Jesus, to quote a Peggy Lee song, is this all there is?’. Photograph: Warren Jackson

It’s been a disappointing summer, but the sun is shining and New Order are back in town. Speaking of sunshine, their singer, Bernard Sumner, in his 20(...)

This live recording of the band’s performance on Stage 1 of Manchester’s Old Granada Studios for the Manchester International Festival in July 2017 (a(...)

Aislinn Logan: Music Complete, by New Order, levelled with me and it kept me going when I needed it to

Three years ago, I upped sticks from Belfast to London. I was battling my way through an hour and a half commute every morning, through a frosty city,(...)

The artists formerly known as Viet Cong have now doubled the output of their controversial moniker. While Viet Cong certainly wasn’t exactly a safe be(...)

Ruairi Lynch of Bantum: “The Sunshine Underground is one of my favourite songs to this day, an eight-minute exercise in surround-sound techno psychedelia.” Photograph: Bríd O’Donovan

I was in my mid-teens and in the midst of my heavy metal/grunge phase when the Chemical Brothers’s third album came out. I first heard them on the Pla(...)

Johnny Depp presenting his film The Libertine, at Glastonbury. Photograph: Dylan Martinez/Reuters

Johnny Depp has apologised for joking about assassinating US President Donald Trump during an appearance at Glastonbury Festival. The Hollywood actor(...)

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