Minks: Tides End

Fri, Aug 2, 2013, 00:00


Tides End


Captured Tracks


When New York’s Sonny Kilfoyle stumbled across Tides End, a grandiose Long Island waterfront estate that had slipped into decline, its imagined history inspired several songs on this, his second album. So far, so appealing – but the biggest surprise about Tides End may be that it’s a sidestep from the gloomy tone of Minks’ 2011 debut. The 1980s vibe still runs riot on Margot (ABC-style synth- pop and Orange Juice-esque bassline) and Doomed and Cool, an undoubted homage to New Order. But although Kilfoyle indulges his love of synths and electronica, the album never feels cold or calculated in any way. Instead, the colourful jangle of Weekenders and the dreamy contemplation of the title track make for a well-rounded pop album lacking in pretension. minksamerica.com
Download: Doomed and Cool, Margot