Minister for Health James Reilly’s officials have been tasked with developing plans for the further roll-out of GP care.

The Government has insisted its plans to introduce free GP care for all are still on track, despite an embarrassing climbdown yesterday over discreti(...)

When people are dying, their biggest fears are being a burden on their family, dying in pain or dying alone.  Photograph: Thinkstock

Irish people, it is commonly held, are good at death but not good at dying. This means that we celebrate death well with high attendance at funerals, (...)

‘In end-of-life care, health professionals, patients and families must often make difficult decisions in tense, demanding, emotionally fraught and constrained circumstances.’ Photograph: Getty Images

A master’s degree programme in end-of-life healthcare ethics will begin at University College Cork (UCC) this September. The d(...)

Steph Booth lives in the north of England with her husband, the actor Tony Booth, who has Alzheimer’s disease. Photograph: George Skipper

My recent trip to Limerick to speak at the Irish Hospice Foundation conference was initially organised on the basis that Tony and I would be go(...)

RTÉ’s John Murray at the launch of the Spanish charity cycle challenge. Photograph: Shane O’Neill

It may not be quite as demanding as running with the bulls, but this summer’s Irish Hospice Foundation cycle challenge – from San Sebastian to (...)

Preparing for end of life
  • Health
  • March 24, 2014, 08:41

The likelihood that advance healthcare directives (AHDs ) will soon be part of legislation should be welcomed by medical and legal professional(...)

Tony was not always quite so sedentary. When we lived in Ireland one of our favourite jaunts was to the beach at Rossnowlagh, where we would walk arm in arm. Photograph: George Skipper

Tony and I live on the edge of the south Pennines. I love walking and it is perfect walking territory. Across the main road and ten minutes slo(...)

Photograph: Getty Images

It was three days before I was due to fly home that my sister’s husband broached the subject of the funeral. We had researched the options beforeha(...)

We have struggled through a pretty hard time in the past month or so, but Tony has now reached a space of greater contentment. His rage and fru(...)

Gabriel Byrne addresses the New York audience

Actor Gabriel Byrne has spoken emotionally about the death of a friend in a Dublin hospital in an appeal for “simple and transformational changes” to (...)

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