Govindas vegetarian restaurants on Middley Abbey Street, One of Dublin was issued with a food safety closure order over fears of a cockroach infestation last month.  Photograph: Google Street View

One of the Govinda’s vegetarian restaurants in Dublin was issued with a food safety closure order over fears of a cockroach infestation last month. (...)

The statins industry rests on the unproven cholesterol hypothesis: that eating saturated fat raises blood cholesterol concentrations, which clogs coronary arteries, inducing CVD.

In 2016, when Ireland’s State-funded sector spent almost €50 million on cholesterol-lowering statins – the world’s most prescribed drug – was the mone(...)

John Clohessy and Rob Laffan of TippyTalk

Rob Laffan is father to a seven-year-old girl named Sadie who has autism and is non-verbal. It was this that inspired the creation of TippyTalk, a fam(...)

“If you are the guy watching your hair thin and gradually disappear you are not going to be happy about it and will be cheering on the scientists.”

The World Health Organisation estimates that about $1 billion is spent each year in the search for a cure for Aids, and $547 million is invested a yea(...)

Mike Conneally: December 4th, 1931- February 17th, 2017. Above, with  his wife, Mary
Obituary: Mike Conneally
  • People
  • March 11, 2017, 05:30

Patrick Michael (Mike) Conneally, distinguished professor emeritus of medical and molecular genetics at the medical school of Indiana University, has (...)

Rita Smyth achieved her fitness goals while having a little dark chocolate every day.

The seductive power of chocolate comes into its own on St Valentine’s Day. It wins us over with its lush taste, smooth texture and inviting aroma. So (...)

People over 50 who break bones easily should be assessed for osteoporosis, which includes a DXA scan.  Photograph: iStockphoto

Charlie lived alone after breaking his arm. One morning he fell to the floor and broke his hip. He was brought to hospital in pain and dehydrated whe(...)

Rob Laffan, a student at Limerick Institute of Technology (LIT), is the winner of the 2015 Engineers Ireland Innovative Student Engineer of the Year Awards for his Tippy Talk platform

A revolutionary new device which utilises automation technology to assist people with disabilities such as autism communicate verbally has earned Lime(...)

Christian children take part in a demonstration  commemorating Assyrian Martyr Day  in Beirut’s Fanar district. Photograph:  Maya Hautefeuille/AFP/Getty Images

India is the latest country in which Christians have spoken out about their persecution. Christians of all denominations have issued a joint pre-Chris(...)

Almost one-in-five children who use social networking sites had a negative experience last year, new research indicates. This was one of several findi(...)

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