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Antonia Hendron, M50 Truck and Van Centre

Four of the eight nominees in the industry category of the EY Entrepreneur of the Year competition are profiled this week. The awards are run in assoc(...)

Dr Sinéad Bleiel, AnaBio Technologies

The last four of eight nominees in the Emerging category of the EY Entrepreneur of the Year competition are profiled this week. The awards are run in (...)

The Mater Private Hospital had come under fire in the summer after it unilaterally put in place charges of €275 for people undergoing an in-patient day procedure and €75 for a diagnostics out-patient test.

Industry Correspondent The Mater Private Healthcare Group ha s said it has reached a deal with health insurers to cover the cost of Covid-19 screenin(...)

People have been hit by myriad charges due to the public health crisis. File photograph: Getty

In recent days one of the State’s leading banks, the largest electricity provider in the country and one of the three private health insurance compani(...)

Some 78% of those surveyed hadn’t taken any sick leave since March.  Photograph: iStock

As many as one in three workers in the Republic can be classed as vulnerable workers, meaning that they have an underlying health condition, research (...)

The CIF has produced a guidance note in the hope that small and medium sized construction companies will integrate mental wellbeing into their corporate strategy

Mental wellbeing has become a significant safety concern for construction companies, a new survey has shown. The research, carried out for the Const(...)

Beacon Hospital said that VHI, Irish Life Health and Laya Healthcare had agreed that they would cover the cost of the test.

The Beacon Hospital in Dublin has said it has reached agreements with the three main health insurers to cover the cost of tests for Covid-19 for their(...)

The largest health insurers, VHI, Laya and Irish Life Health, have all indicated  they are in talks with private hospitals over the charges. Photograph: Getty Images

The Mater Private Healthcare Group, which has come under fire for the introduction of new charges for Covid-19 tests for patients treated in its facil(...)

Different private hospitals have levied different charges for Covid-19 tests, and some have not put in place any at all. Photograph: Getty Images

The private Beacon Hospital in Dublin has said that Laya Healthcare subscribers will be covered for a controversial €250 Covid-19 test required for so(...)

A VHI spokeswoman says it is refunding an average of 50 per cent of premium payments to each customer for the three months of public takeover.

A Government takeover of private hospitals to combat Covid-19 will leave health insurers nursing a revenue hit of €180 million, industry sources say. (...)

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