One of the biggest pressure points can be the change in routine. Mealtimes, bedtimes, everything changes in one fell swoop at the end of August. Photograph: Getty Images

August heralds in a lot of change: it’s the beginning of autumn and thoughts turn to new beginnings, and the new term. Everything seems to come at onc(...)

Get out into the light and soak up some vitamin D which helps regulate the stress hormone. Photograph: Getty Images

1. Get out into the light  Get out in the sun to soak up some vitamin D which helps regulate the stress hormone. Only 10 per cent of our vitamin(...)

John O’Dwyer, chief Executive of Vhi. Photograph: Aidan Crawley

Another 46,000 people took out private health insurance last year as the economy continued to improve, according to the latest annual report of the He(...)

The majority of absences from work are for colds and flus. Photograph: iStock

What happens when you are too sick to make it into work? As we all fall ill from time to time, it seems like it should be straightforward enough. Diff(...)

Séamus and Hazel Hughes with their daughter, Saorla, on the beach near their home in Barna, Co Galway. Photograph: Joe O’Shaughnessy

When baby Saorla Hughes cried out for her soother just before 6am one morning in early April, her mother Hazel popped it back into her mouth as was ro(...)

My FitBit can only estimate  how much sleep I’m getting and it’s this estimate that is contributing greatly to my anxiety.

A survey last year conducted by Laya Healthcare suggested that 80 per cent of Irish people suffer from sleep deprivation. I count myself among that 80(...)

The cost to the State of replicating the move could be as high as €500 million over five years, estimates Prof Michael Barry, clinical director of the National Centre for Pharmacoeconomics. Photograph: PA Wire

It could cost the State up to €500 million to provide public patients with wider access to innovative new cancer therapies in the same way health insu(...)

An Affidea clinic. The  European Affidea group  has 246 diagnostic imaging, outpatient and cancer-care centres in 16 countries

Europe’s largest medical services provider has invested €1.5 million in a north Dublin ExpressCare clinic that will be covered by insurance providers (...)

VHI will provide wider access to cancer drugs, including Pembrolizumab, for stage three melanoma, and Pertuzumab (Perjeta) for patients with early stage breast cancer. Photograph: iStock

Commercial rivals to the VHI say they have no plans to follow the semi-State health insurer’s lead by providing wider access to cancer drugs for some (...)

ILH and other insurers particularly objected to the HSE’s position that, regardless of the point when the waiver is signed, the waiver has the effect of causing all the services received to be liable to private charges then passed onto the relevant insurer. Photograph: iStock

Irish Life Health has joined Laya Healthcare in opposing claims by the HSE concerning the payment of charges for the treatment of private patients in (...)

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