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Thomas MacDonell on a peak overlooking the Glenfeshie Valley in the Scottish Highlands on March 30, 2022. MacDonnell is director of conservation and forestry at WIldland Ltd, a company that aims to prove that reviving Scotland’s peat can be environmentally useful and profitable. Photograph: Catherine Hyland/The New York Times

On a gusty morning in the Scottish Highlands, Thomas MacDonell padded across a terrain that looked like nature’s version of a Persian rug. The surface(...)

Dacia Jogger: the perfect car for a world of rising prices

Quite how you pick a rival for the Dacia Jogger is a bit of a puzzler. There just aren’t very many family-sized, relatively affordable seven-seat cars(...)

Turlough Downes, professor of mathematics and astrophysics  at DCU. Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

Driving slower is not the simple answer to cutting car fuel costs. Instead, it is about finding the “sweet spot” on the speedometer, a leading academi(...)

A screengrab from a social media video showing a convoy of cars flying Russian flags in Dublin. Photograph: via Tik Tok

The Ukrainian embassy in Dublin has sharply criticised a motor cavalcade in Dublin in support of the Russian invasion. Footage on social media platfo(...)

Photograph: iStock

Irish education technology company Olive Group has signed a deal with Jaguar Land Rover that will provide more than 30,000 staff at the car company wi(...)

The C40 is positively stuffed with electronic safety aids. There is an undeniably reassuring feeling from driving home on a cold, wet night in a Volvo.

As the woman in When Harry Met Sally puts it, sometimes you just know, the way you know with a good melon. First impressions, gut feeling – whatever (...)

 The view of a military facility which was destroyed by shelling in the city of Brovary outside Kyiv. Photograph:  Genya Savilov/AFP via Getty Images

* Kyiv and other cities in Ukraine are coming under more bombardment in the early hours of Wednesday morning as the Russian military steps up its offe(...)

The toll cameras on the M50. In August 2021, Turas Mobility Services took over the management of the M50 e-flow contract.

A Lexus, a Range Rover, a Mercedes and an Audi A5 were among some of the cars seized for the the non-payment of M50 tolls last year. The latest (...)

Ellen Murphy: ‘What I love about the course is that it has attracted people from all the world’

After seven years working in technical and commercial roles in an automotive sector being reimagined in response to climate change, Ellen Murphy deci(...)

This year the Lexus RX450h wins  the best luxury hybrid award

You’ll notice that our top-cars list for 2022 is a little different from previous years. Before, we’ve listed either our top 100 or our top 50 cars fo(...)

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