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Britain’s chancellor of the exchequer Sajid David.

UK chancellor of the exchequer Sajid Javid said on Wednesday in Davos that his government will focus on securing a trade deal with the EU over the US,(...)

Mixed Reality means that you still view the world through the windscreen, but the glass can also be used as a gigantic projection screen, with information on road hazards, traffic and local information flashing up in front of the driver’s eye.

BMW has teamed up with Chinese digital display experts Futurus to create the next-generation of heads-up displays. These will no longer be simply abou(...)

One large German study indicates that city planners there are not yet thinking extensively about the changed transport landscape that driverless cars will bring.

Of all the pending legislation to be announced by Government Ministers in 2019, up there on the list of least expected must be proposed new legal prov(...)

A Valeo test vehicle on Dublin’s M50: Self-driving vehicles use video and radar to feed data to the self-driving programmes.

The Government is to amend road traffic legislation to allow for the testing of self-driving vehicles on Irish roads. So what has the State got to giv(...)

According to the Minister for Transport, Shane Ross: “Our priority is always the safety of our roads for all users.”

The Government is to introduce legislation to allow for the testing of autonomous vehicles on Irish roads. The Department of Transport say that Cabi(...)

‘AI is bringing, and will continue to bring, huge benefits to individuals, businesses and communities throughout Ireland, but there are also a number of challenges that we face in adopting AI technologies.’ Photograph: iStock

A public consultation on the development of a national strategy on AI concluded in November. The commitment to developing such a strategy was containe(...)

“We have found great support from the IDA as well as support from the Clare and Limerick Councils.” Photograph: iStock

While Dublin will always remain a hub for international business, it is certainly no longer the only location that international investors consider wh(...)

The new (rather pricey) Range Rover Evoque sprung one big surprise on us this year. Not with its styling - that is almost incredibly, certainly increm(...)

With yellow and orange rain warnings in place across the country right now, you might be wondering which cars are the best ones to drive through deep,(...)

You could find another car with similar levels of on-road refinement, but none of them could climb mountains and ford rivers like the Discovery

The current Discovery has not been the sales success that Land Rover had hoped for, possibly because buyers are migrating towards the smaller, more af(...)

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