Ukrainian embassy condemns ‘disgusting’ pro-Russian rally in Dublin

Social media videos show cavalcade of cars flying Russian, Irish and Soviet Union flags

The Ukrainian embassy in Dublin has sharply criticised a motor cavalcade in Dublin in support of the Russian invasion.

Footage on social media platform Telegram shows more than a dozen cars flying Russian flags and many also carrying the Z sign, the symbol of support for Russian troops in Ukraine, driving through Dublin.

It is understood the cavalcade left from somewhere near the Maldron Hotel near Dublin Airport at 2pm on Sunday and the footage shows it proceeding through the airport roundabout.

The cars then parked in the Metropoint Business Park in nearby Swords for a period. One video shows a woman holding what appears to be a handgun or an imitation handgun.


One of the people who posted a video of the event claimed the cavalcade then travelled to Co Cavan but this could not be immediately confirmed.

Among the vehicles pictured is a Land Rover Defender 4 x 4 with the letter 'Z' painted on the bonnet.

Footage of the convoy also appeared on TikTok yesterday with a photograph claiming to show are 25 of those involved, holding Russian and Irish flags.

The incident has been criticised by the Ukrainian embassy which tweeted: “It’s absolutely disgusting that these Russians living in (Ireland) demonstrate their complete disrespect for country of residence &the Irish people who stand against Russia’s war in Ukraine.

“Z, the symbol of killings & atrocities, must be prohibited by law in every democratic state.”

A further "auto parade" in Ireland in support of Russia's invasion is planned for May 7th, starting from the Maldron Hotel.

This apparently in honour of May 9th when Russians traditionally celebrate victory over the Nazis in the Second World War.

A statement on a closed Facebook page, which has a picture of the Soviet Union symbols of a hammer and sickle says: "Remember, proud, never forget. Auto parade in honor of 9th of May wi [SIC]be held on 07.05.22, start from Maldron Hotel (airport) 10.30am."

Russian president Vladimir Putin is expected to hold a victory parade on May 9th in Moscow.

Ronan McGreevy

Ronan McGreevy

Ronan McGreevy is a news reporter with The Irish Times