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Toyota’s Yaris Cross

We’ve all expanded a bit, I guess. Whether it’s lockdown lumps, or just careless dipping of the biscuit tin, there are not many of us who can claim to(...)

The new Volkswagen Taigo is - in one sense - a coupe version of the small T-Cross crossover

Have you noticed that crossovers have been morphing, slowly but surely, back into hatchbacks? It’s taken a while, and was arguably kicked off by the m(...)

Impressive: Hyundai’s new i20 is on par with the  class-leading Peugeot 208 in terms of driving dynamics

Hyundai’s evolution from sober to stylish seems to be in hyperdrive. On the back of a massive leap with the Tucson, and a striking new revamp of the S(...)

In styling terms, the new 308 gets the new Peugeot ‘face’ with a vast, concave grille, narrow lights, and the slashing, ‘fang’-style LED daytime running lights at the side.

Having been half-revealed last week, by spy photos which caught it with a half-removed tarpaulin, Peugeot has today shown off its new 308 hatchback, t(...)

Stylish: this new Tucson turns heads

As we hop in and out of new cars in this job (I know, tough life), we tend to regard the arrival of new technology as incremental. So every now and th(...)

The new Peugeot 2008  features a  beautiful design and is a pleasure to drive

For a brand that was rather late – and reluctant – to the SUV craze, Peugeot has not only matched its Asian rivals, but in some ways outdone them. The(...)

Our high-grade test cars featured comfortable leather seats and lots of equipment as standard

Following the warm welcome for the new generation Mazda3, the next in line for the brand is the CX-30 compact SUV. Mazda believes the new car could be(...)

Most carmakers have tried to keep Google and Apple at arm’s length, hoping to keep control of such valuable data as a driver’s whereabouts, driving patterns, shopping preferences and infotainment use

Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi are about to do what many carmakers have been trying to avoid: let Google into the dashboard. The French-Japanese auto(...)

The Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio is, for now, the world’s fastest SUV, or at least the one which has posted the fastest lap of the famed Nurburgring race track

If ever there were two vehicles which showed just what a broad and inaccurate phrase ‘SUV’ is, it’s the Jeep Wrangler and the Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadr(...)

There was a time when the arrival of a new Ford Focus was met with great fanfare. It was a firm favourite with Irish buyers, vying with the Volkswagen(...)

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