A worker at the Andor Technology factory. Photograph: Charles McQuillan/Pacemaker

Belfast-based digital camera manufacturer Andor Technology reported a 24 per cent drop in profits last year as it again warned of possible risks to th(...)

The Andor Technology premises in Belfast. The company increased its research and development spend during its last financial year to £5.7m

Pre-tax profits at digital camera manufacturer Andor Technology increased £1.7 million (€1.93m) last year to hit a company high of £12.7 million (€14.(...)

Dr David Finn and Mark Rafferty of    Amatech Group Ltd: “What we have been able to do is almost defy the laws of physics.”

Amatech Most people with a Visa debit card will be familiar with contactless payment technology. In Ireland it allows Visa debit cardholders to pay bi(...)

The Next-Generation Transit Survey (NGTS) is located at ESO’s Paranal Observatory in northern Chile. Photograph: ESO/R. Wesson

Queen’s University Belfast is on a fresh hunt to discover new planets as part of an international partnership that includes UK universities and a comp(...)

 A worker at the Andor Technology factory based in Belfast:  The company, which designs and manufactures high technology tools and systems for research and industry was the first commercial spinoff from Oxford University. Photograph: Charles McQuillan/Pacemaker

Oxford Instruments, the London-listed technology company, has declared its £176 million offer for west Belfast-based Andor Technology, as “wholly unco(...)

Andor has been considering a takeover bid by Britain’s Oxford Instruments since an indicative cash offer of £5 per share was made in July.

Belfast-based digital camera manufacturer Andor Technology recorded an operating profit of £7.2 million (€8.7 million) for the year to the end of Sept(...)

Andor Tech equipment

Andor Technology could be sitting on cash balances totalling more than £20 million thanks to a “period of strong cash generation” this year. (...)