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French finance and economy minister Bruno Le Maire.

France held firm on its plans to resume collection of a national digital tax that hits technology giants including Amazon. com, Alphabet’s Google and (...)

The company said the new privacy improvements would give users more control of their data.

Google has made changes to its data retention practices in a move aimed at guaranteeing that it only keeps information on new users for a set period. (...)

Commuters arrive at the Naples Central Station, after the reopening of Italian regional borders amid an easing of restrictions during Phase 2 of the coronavirus emergency. Photograph: EPA

Governments of all political stripes are spending massive sums to overcome the twin challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic – the virus itself, and the re(...)

According to the lawsuit, the company collects information, including IP addresses and browsing histories, whenever users visit web pages or use an app tied to common Google services

Google surreptitiously amasses billions of bits of information – every day – about internet users even if they opt out of sharing their information, t(...)

US president Donald Trump: ‘We’re here today to defend free speech from one of the greatest dangers.’ Photograph: AFP via Getty Images

US President Donald Trump announced a major clampdown on social media companies on Thursday as he ordered a review of a law that gives companies li(...)

Facebook’s European headquarters in Dublin: employees who are able to work remotely can do so until the end of 2020. Photograph: PA

Facebook is set to reopen its Irish office in early July, in line with its global plans for the rest of its premises, provided current trends in the c(...)

Growing US joblessness put a dampener on Wall Street. Photograph: AFP via Getty

Markets slumped on Thursday as the European Central Bank (ECB) warned the euro zone economy could shrink 12 per cent while US jobless figures rose fas(...)

Twitter is aiming to stem losses by slashing its own budgets, including by limiting hiring to product development, research and user support

Twitter on Thursday said its ads sales slightly rebounded in Asia after a plunge due to the coronavirus outbreak and it had accelerated work on tools (...)

Side view of a young businessman texting on the cellphone.

In late March, as large swathes of Europe locked down, Belgian authorities wanted to know if movement restrictions were being obeyed enough to slow th(...)

Traders work on the floor of the Dow Industrial Average at the New York Stock Exchange.

Caution recaptured world markets on Monday as a near 30 per cent drubbing for US crude oil kicked off a busy week of data and earnings that will drive(...)

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