The Croods


Meet the Croods. If you haven’t heard of them, you soon will, thanks to the marketing might of the mobile industry. The caveman family is based on a DreamWorks Animation movie, but the game itself is built by Angry Birds maker Rovio. On paper it should be a good combination; in reality it actually lives up to expectations. The Croods may be a caveman family, but they are trying to drag themselves out of prehistoric times with a basic idea: hunt and gather. Your job is to help them by trapping and taming oddly named animals (the bunny beast and molarbear are among the weird combinations), harvesting fruit and vegetables, and completing various quests set by family members – while developing your own little caveman empire. The film may be aimed at a younger audience, but the app probably has more of a wider appeal. It’s a fun game that sets you enough goals that you’ll keep coming back for more.