It can be a pain keeping track of busy work schedules and active social lives. This new calendar app makes staying on top of things that bit easier. Sure, you can use the regular calendar app on your smartphone, but it won’t manage things as well as Tempo, not without a significant amount of input on your part. Which, if you’re disorganised, is half the problem.Tempo scans your email accounts, Facebook and Linked In profiles to find appointments and important dates – everything from meetings to birthdays – and notes them on the calendar. Each appointment it creates also includes vital information, such as the location of your meeting or who will be attending. Any documents and emails related to the meeting will also be organised in the calendar, so you have all the documentation at your fingertips. If you give it access to your contacts list, it will also allow you to send messages to your fellow attendees if you’re running late, all from the within the app. It has an easy to use interface too, which is half the battle. tempo.ai