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Niall Quinn's Disco Pants Are the Best:

"Hello everyone, this is a new Website dedicated to that party animal Mr Niall Quinn and also Sunderland AFC," says the greeting on the site. Niall Quinn, party animal? Mmm. A detailed explanation as to why Quinn's Disco Pants have become famous (and are sung about at every Sunderland game) is provided but, in summary, let's just say they made their debut in an Italian night-club when he was on a pre-season tour with Manchester City a few years back. Word has it that the tune (ie "Niall Quinn's Disco Pants are the best, they stretch up from his arse to his chest, they are better than Adam and the Ants, Niall Quinn's Disco Pants") may even be released on record soon, so get your orders in early. Niall Quinn - The Mighty Giant ( is another site dedicated to himself and includes a biography, career statistics and pictures (but none, unfortunately, of him wearing his Disco Pants).