Kurt Zouma cat abuse video: Second West Ham sponsor withdraws support

The player, who has apologised, has also lost his Adidas footwear sponsorship

A second West Ham sponsor has withdrawn its support for the club as the backlash continued over a video showing the defender Kurt Zouma dropping, kicking and slapping one of his cats.

Experience Kissimmee, the tourism authority for Osceola County, Florida, had been evaluating its relationship with West Ham since Zouma was selected to start Tuesday’s game against Watford after the footage went viral.

“Experience Kissimmee announced today that it has ended its sponsorship of West Ham United Football Club,” the club’s destination partner said in a tweet.

Its move comes after Vitality, West Ham’s wellness partner, suspended its sponsorship “with immediate effect”, saying it was “hugely disappointed” with the judgment shown by the club in response to the video.


West Ham said on Wednesday that they had fined Zouma “the maximum amount possible” – understood to be two weeks’ wages, amounting to £250,000 – and have condemned his behaviour.

The RSPCA has taken Zouma’s two cats into care and is conducting an investigation. The player, who has apologised for his actions, has lost his Adidas footwear sponsorship. - Guardian