Radical changes in rowing on the way after agm in Dublin

Rowing Ireland chief executive tells meeting that ‘goal in 2016 is to get an Olympic medal’

Radical proposals to reshape Irish rowing were discussed at a meeting prior to the agm of Rowing Ireland in Dublin.

Some clubs are opposed to changes to the domestic calendar, but high performance director Morten Espersen believes the Irish Championships should be moved from mid-summer where they clash with the international programme.

Espersen said the championships might even become a compulsory event for aspiring internationals.

Ireland can excel on the international stage and clubs should see this as a priority, Espersen believes.

"If we can get Olympic gold, it can drive you to a stronger place," he told The Irish Times.

Ireland this year qualified two boats for the Olympic Games, and Rowing Ireland chief executive Hamish Adams told the agm: "Our goal in 2016 is to get an Olympic medal. It is a big goal, but we are stating it."

The motions proposed by the board all passed. Among the changes are: rowers at the Irish Championships will be required to have competed at two events in Ireland; the board can be augmented by two new, unelected officers; rowers in the high performance system will only be allowed to compete as seniors at the Championships. A motion proposed by St Michael’s to change the points system for rowers fell.