Katie Taylor rejects Serrano’s calls to change to 12 three-minute rounds in title fight

Taylor calls April 30th bout at Madison Square Garden ‘the best fight in boxing’

Katie Taylor has sidestepped Amanda Serrano's call for 12 three-minute rounds when the pair meet in women's boxing's biggest ever fight at Madison Square Garden.

The Puerto Rican called for equality in the world of boxing on Monday, instead of the customary 10 two-minute rounds expected at her world lightweight title showdown with Taylor in New York on April 30th.

Seven-weight world champion Serrano said at a London press conference: “If we want to make change... (Let’s do) the same as the men.

“We’re making history and I want to continue to open the doors for the new generation coming into the sport.


“I’m a woman for equality. We all talk about equality and if Katie Taylor’s willing, I’m ready to make this 12 rounds of three minutes (each).”

But undisputed champion Taylor, who is putting her belts on the line for the sixth time since beating Delfine Persoon to claim them in June 2019, quickly knocked back Serrano’s suggestion.

Taylor said: “I don’t really feel like that will make a huge change. The fight is already iconic the way it is.

“The fact the pre-sales are the second best in history says it all really. This fight is even more historic than we realise.”

Serrano doubled down on her proposal, saying: “I understand that. But if people really want to take notice we need to make a stand.”

But Taylor, who is unbeaten in 20 fights, responded by saying: “I think we’re already making a stand.

“This fight is going to show the best female pound for pound fighter in the world. We’re already making a stand by taking this fight.”

Southpaw Serrano, who at 33 is two years younger than Taylor, grew up in Brooklyn and is confident of success in the first female bout to headline the New York venue.

She said: “My plan is to fight smart. I know I have all the tools to beat Katie Taylor.

“I just have to go out there and be smart and the victory will be mine.”

Taylor countered: “This is a fight I wanted from the get-go. Ever since I turned pro I had my sights set on Serrano.

“I do genuinely believe this is the best fight in boxing right now, the most exciting fight in the sport.

“It proves there’s a strong appetite for female fights and we have changed perceptions in the sport.

“I’m preparing for the toughest fight of my career, but I won’t be short on fight or grit.

“I’ve answered that question when I’ve been in the trenches. I don’t think Amanda has answered that question, but I guess we’ll find out on April 30th.”