My Club: Drimnagh Boxing Club


Michael Carruth was the first Irishman to win an Olympic boxing gold medal when he took the welterweight division at the Barcelona Games in 1992. As an amateur he won four national senior titles at three different weights and last month defeated Scott Dixon from Glasgow to claim the World Athletic Association (WAA) welterweight title.

Drimnagh Boxing Club was founded in 1965 and has recently renovated and expanded its gym and facilities under a FAS scheme to include a women's athletic club, making it one of the finest boxing centres in the country.

Membership: There are always a lot of people coming and going but the number could be close to 100 at any one time with a lot of the emphasis on juvenile boxing.

Status: We do train for the highest national and international standards but it's definitely not just a club for the famous. Any kid that comes to us will be accepted and it's as much a social centre as a training centre.

Honours: We've had a series of European medals including Paul Griffin's featherweight title in 1991 (the first in 42 years) and Mick Dowling's bronze while he was a club member, but one of my own favourite honours was winning my first Irish juvenile title back in 1982.

Finest Hour: Obviously the gold medal from Barcelona in 1992 brought great honour to the club and the fact that Paul Griffin was also a member of the Irish team.

Worst Moment: I do remember the 1986 national championships when we had three boxers including myself in finals but failed to win a title either through dubious decisions or bad luck.

Club Hero: Everybody on the background committee deserves credit but it has to be my father, Austin, who has consistently put so much coaching effort into the club as well as the national sport - including his part with the Irish team in Barcelona.

Greatest Rivals: Without sounding brash, we've always seen ourselves among the best clubs in the country, although places like Darndale would traditionally be among our main rivals.