It’s T.I.M.E. for another curious event from Hendrick’s Gin

A new event is set to arouse the senses, as curious gin enthusiasts are invited to explore The Illustrious Manor of Eminence in Dublin City from November 9 - 11

Hendricks gin infused with cucumber and rose petal essence

Hendricks gin infused with cucumber and rose petal essence


Having piqued the curiosity of all who entered Chambers of the Curious, Hendrick’s is back to astound and delight fans of this most peculiar gin. This year, Hendrick’s has suspended time itself around a palatial mansion in Dublin, creating T.I.M.E - The Illustrious Manor of Eminence. Within the manor walls exists a ‘perpetual evening of reverie to delight the senses of all who enter’.

Curiosity seekers will enjoy many delightfully peculiar experiences, from feasting on strange and unexpected delicacies to partaking in an immersive theatrical experience created to shatter cerebral illusions. Once guests have explored their senses, with their curiosity now aroused, they will convene in the main ballroom where entertainment and diversion abound and the curiosity never ends.

Hendrick’s is well known for its curious gin that is paired with its signature peculiar fruit: the cucumber. Fans of Hendrick’s have had their senses set alight in previous years at Chambers of the Curious. This fully immersive theatrical experience saw Hendrick’s enlist the help of one curious Professor Von Ernst, who encouraged guests to partake in a range of experiments – the goal being to fuel their curiosity and entice them to examine the world anew.

Following two successful years of Chambers of the Curious, Hendrick’s is inviting fans to embark on a journey through time at The Illustrious Manor of Eminence. The Manor in question is Tailor’s Hall in Dublin 8, the oldest surviving Guild Hall in Dublin and a designated heritage site which is over 300 years old.

In addition to the curious experiences, guests will be invited to explore the Cinema of Silent Symphony, where a silver screen classic will be reimagined with live musical accompaniment.

These experiences will be enjoyed alongside a range of suitably peculiar Hendrick’s Gin cocktails, with the experience coming to a crescendo in the manor’s ballroom where music and other curious diversions will round out a most unusual evening.

Tickets to The Illustrious Manor of Eminence are on sale now from Eventbrite