Author profiles: Junior Cert Part 2

Meet The Institute of Education's experts


Gerry Culleton - Maths

Gerry, an honours graduate of Trinity College Dublin, has taught Maths at Junior and Leaving Certificate level for over 30 years and has been teaching for 16 years at The Institute of Education.

Séan Delap - History

A UCD graduate in History and Irish, Séan has been teaching History at The Institute of Education since 1990. He has participated in a number of radio and television documentaries, most recently on the television series Éalú produced for TG4. Séan gives talks regularly on behalf of the History Teachers Association of Ireland to students and teachers and has lectured at conferences on the methodology of teaching both Leaving and Junior Certificate History as well as teaching History through Irish. He is the author of Leaving and Junior Certificate textbooks: Nation States and International Relations 1871- 1920: Dictatorship and Democracy 1920- 1945; Division and Realignment in Europe, 1945- 1992 and European Retreat from Empire and the Aftermath, 1945- 1990. He is also the co-author of Junior Certificate textbook Uncovering History.

Michael Doran - Geography

Michael has been teaching Geography at The Institute of Education since 1995. He is an experienced Leaving Certificate examiner and has written many published articles on the subject. Michael believes that the Geography course can be a stimulating learning experience for both student and teacher.

Emer Fannin - Science

Emer is an experienced examiner for Junior Certificate Science and has been teaching at The Institute of Education for the past 10 years. She graduated with a BSc and a HDip in Education and then continued her studies in Trinity College Dublin with a Diploma in Computers in Education. Emer has successful entries each year in the BT Young Scientist exhibition and has years of experience correcting the Junior Certificate papers.