Which political parties match your views? New online tool lets voters check the parties they are aligned with

European University Institute launches EU&I voting advice application

A new voting advice application allowing users to check which political parties they are most closely aligned with has been created by the European University Institute.

The EU&I tool has been launched in the run up to the European elections taking place across the European Union from June 6th and can be used below or here. The tool provides 30 statements on contemporary issues, allowing people to find the party that best matches their political preferences in their own country and elsewhere in the Union.

The Robert Schuman Centre in the EUI has devoted extensive resources to the project since 2009. This year, in collaboration with a scientific committee of scholars based at the Universities of Lausanne and Lucerne, 150 political scientists and experts on party politics - approximately five per member state – are covering more than 250 political parties running in the elections, examining manifestos and other reliable sources.

“EU&I is politically neutral and does not favour any political party or group of parties. We hope that using this tool will encourage people who are undecided or do not know enough to go to the polls”, said Lorenzo Cicchi, coordinator of the project.


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