‘Wheelfolk and bounders’


Sir,– It would seem that the cyclist-driver war has been going on for well over 100 years, if a report in The Irish Times of July 10th, 1897, is anything to go by. The writer notes that hardly a day goes by in Dublin without a cyclist getting badly injured. He acknowledges that some of the accidents are “caused through reckless or unskilful riding on the part of wheelfolk”. He has no hesitation, however, in saying “that the vast majority of accidents to cyclists are caused through the reckless driving of jarveys and other vehicle drivers. We have repeatedly seen cyclists worried, run down, and treated in a scandalous manner by drivers, and jarveys in particular”. The writer expresses the hope that the Commissioners of Police would direct constables on traffic duty “to keep a sharp look out for furious drivers”. He thinks that the “appearance of a few of these bounders in the Police Court would have a good effect on the others”. Perhaps this is good advice for today. – Yours, etc,



Co Dublin.