We need Covid-19 statistics for schools


Sir, – The Department of Health’s Covid-19 Data Hub provides comprehensive information on the virus, including statistics by local electoral areas, hospital and intensive-care cases, and the number of laboratory testing specimens. A notable absence is any data relating to schools. As the HSE responds to all school cases, this information is readily available and could be easily included.

The vacuum created by the absence of any school statistics has led many, especially on social media, to speculate that schools may not be safe. If this is not the case, then surely the school data should be published? If, however, the statistics should indicate that there are school-related Covid concerns, parents should know the reality and be allowed make informed decisions about sending their children to school. Either way the clarity that the statistics would provide would also assist schools as they currently manage the virus in relative isolation.

In this instance ignorance is far from bliss and is instead fuelling rumour, suspicion and unease at the very time when we need to be making decisions based upon reliable evidence. – Yours, etc,



Dublin 15.