Water supply – the core problem


Sir, – Your Editorial is spot-on (“The Irish Times view on Ireland’s water supply: focusing on the core problem”, July 29th).

We live in an area which is subject to numerous water cuts, ostensibly due to pipelines being accidentally dug up.

Only within the last two weeks, our water supply was cut off for three days, and not a mention in the media.

Of course we are well aware that this is really due to underfunding of the system and that the reintroduction of water charges is an inevitability.

For a long number of years now when we run a hot tap we do so into a bowl and save the water for other purposes. Water is a natural resource which is really in short supply globally.

We have to row together on this one. – Yours, etc,



Co Westmeath.

Sir, – Your Editorial (July 29th ) quite correctly highlights the appalling condition of the outdated and broken water treatment system which was inherited by Irish Water.

The provision of potable water and treatment of waste water are basic, fundamental standards for any modern democracy, and sadly we are failing to meet these standards.

I suspect our politicians are happy to leave Irish Water to resolve this creaking legacy problem. So, here’s a simple question for them: how can they promise to build thousands of houses when we don’t have the water treatment facilities to service them? Needless to say I’m all in favour of every household paying water charges. It may be a vain hope, but we seriously need to address this fundamental structural weakness. – Yours, etc,



Co Dublin.