Trump scraps the Iran nuclear deal


Sir, – The Iran nuclear deal is but the latest in a long line of international agreements, proposals and alliances that have been attacked by Donald Trump (“Middle East fears as US withdraws from Iran nuclear deal” (Suzanne Lynch, Front page, May 9th).

In abandoning the multinational safeguard protocol, Trump has publicly scorned the rational advice offered by the leaders of France and Germany.

Nato, an EU-US trade deal, Nafta, the Trans-Pacific Partnership – all of which do, or could, offer benefits to the American people have been derided by Trump because he fails to understand the significance involved for American economic and national security.

He strives instead for some delusional concept that all such arrangements must be vastly preferential to his narrow-focused viewpoint rather than a broad-based, balanced format equally beneficial to all sides.

Why would North Korea enter into any agreement with Donald Trump who could disown a proposal put forward by his own negotiators? – Yours, etc,



Co Waterford.